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All Is Well 

Holistic mentoring and Reiki healing

Would you like to shift your understanding of who you are and see how the world around you can work for you, not against you, by changing the story we are conditioned with? This can lead to true inner peace.

Together, we will support your unique truth to emerge, to allow your core talents to surface, inspiring positive feelings and results.


This can also include Reiki timeline healing if desired, which releases the energies of change and upliftment.

1 minute interview

My qualifications

I learnt about changing my life for the better, by escaping a mind controlling cult 25 years ago and then how to thrive as a free spirit.  I have written my story and self-help book and published it under author alias Isisi Allthings.  Click below for more details.  

Change your perception, change your life! I have and so can you.

Holistic mentoring

Reiki healing

How it works
3 free exploratory sessions
1 hour each over 5 weeks
Followed by 2 months
of 2 sessions
£150 a month 
Total 3 months = £300
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