Holistic mentoring and Reiki healing

All Is Well 

My coaching is not about goal setting or achieving targets. It's about being a "Listening Ear" and gently supporting you so that you can find your voice in a safe space and receive comfort and care during these challenging times.


What do you need during the COVID19

self-isolation, lock-down or quarantine?


How is it affecting you and what kind of support do you feel you need? Many are experiencing anxiety, fear

and loneliness. I am here to hear you. 

We can feel into the following areas:


  • Nutrition and practical issues

  • Mental health concerns

  • Emotional health problems

  • Spiritual crisis thoughts

This can also include distant Reiki healing if desired, which calms and releases the energies of change and upliftment, all you need to do is relax and receive

1 minute interview

My qualifications

I learnt about changing my life for the better, by escaping a mind controlling cult 25 years ago and then how to thrive as a free spirit.  I have written my story and self-help book and published it under author alias Isisi Allthings.  Click below for more details.  

Change your perception, change your life! I have and so can you.

Holistic mentoring

Reiki healing

How it works
free* sessions
(1 hour normally £50)


*If you sign up, I would like to use your free sessions as a case study with names redacted


We can have an exploratory call and talk about the package on Zoom video (which I can record if you wish) 

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